Exploring the medical clinic grounds in Chocolá, Guatemala, I noticed a young girl heading down a lush embankment. My classmate and I, being curious journalists, decided to follow her. At the bottom, we found out she was drawing water for her father, who was working on his small plot of coffee seedlings. After striking up conversation with him, he graciously invited us into his home the next day to meet the rest of his family.

While interviewing his wife, we asked "If you had all the money in the world, what would you do with it?" Her answer was something I will never forget.

As a woman with a family that is barely making by at times, she didn't hesitate to answer, "I'd give it away to other people that really need it".

That answer not only encapsulates the spirit of this family, but the spirit of the Guatemalan people.

  • March, 2015
  • Lauren Grose
    Lauren Grose