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Dr Quyhn Kieu

A Relentless Pursuit

Vanessa Martinez

Vietnam refugee Quynh Kieu established a nonprofit medical organization that has helped more than 60,000 patients.

Dr Le

A Flicker of Familiarity

Magdalena Guillen

After fleeing Vietnam 38 years ago, a Vietnamese doctor returns to the country she once called home.

Dr HoTan

A Second Chance

Magdalena Guillen

Dr. Tanie HoTan returns to her native land to educate the Vietnamese on neonatal resuscitation.


A First-hand Experience

Vanessa Martinez

Vanessa Martinez shares the journey through her blog.

Bringing Health to Home

Vanessa Martinez

The Project Vietnam Foundation overcomes obstacles to provide medical assistance to families in the Vietnamese province of Khan Hoa.

Bracing for Pain

Andrea Ayala

Leaving their lives behind, the dental team fills cavities and pulls teeth for hundreds of Vietnamese children each year

A Blended Identity Through Education

Sima Sarraf

After completing his MBA at Cal State Fullerton, Trung Duc Tran was able to pursue his dream of working in the computer industry

Living in the Shadows of Saigon

Sima Sarraf

A family’s desperate attempt to survive living on the streets

An American teaching in Vietnam

Andrea Ayala

Darren Rogers is an expat who finds this is where he wants to be

A Cup of Something New

Andrea Ayala

Starbucks arrives in Vietnam, making its American mark, as well as challenging local Vietnamese coffee culture