Mega will graduate from California State University, Fullerton, in 2013, with her B.A. in Communications.

After being raised in Indonesia, she saw things that were daunting—child sex trafficking, large homeless population, and orphanages that did not have adequate necessities for their children. She decided in high school that broadcast journalism would be a perfect fit to share the stories that she has seen.

After a few classes in journalism, she developed a dream to become a reporter. That dream was further inspired during her internship at KTLA-5. There she established her news fundamentals and more. Her mentor, Lynette Romero has helped Mega with everything a reporter has to know about creating memorable stories.

During her last semester, Mega joined a group of student-journalists on a trip to Vietnam.

Mega’s hope is that through her works, lives would be changed.

In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her dog, Fluffy.

Mega's works:

  • Project Vietnam's Dental Team (video)
    An Vietnamese-American dentist and her husband coordinate dental care for Vietnamese children.
  • PVNF Spring 2013 (video)
    A synopsis of the Project Vietnam Foundation's spring 2013 medical and dental mission to South Vietnam.
  • Life in the Mekong Delta (video)
    Life is slow and peaceful living on the river. It provides fish, and the surrounding lush jungle, fruit and more.
  • Cao Dai Temple (multimedia)
    Vanessa, together with classmate Mega Sugianto, share a visit to this temple in a multimedia experience.