Story by Nuran Alteir
Photography by Mark Samala

People of an ancient race seek to fulfill a promise made while living in war-torn Cambodia.

Story by Laura Barron-Lopez
Photography by William Camargo

Lorn Sao is instructed to open his mouth in order to have his tumor inspected by an American doctor from the visiting CHPAA medical mission. At 44, Lorn’s tumor has been growing since the age of 19.

Story and photography by Susana Cobo

Rom Seng's family lives a life with poor sanitation, polluted water and raw sewage.

Story and photography by Chelsea DeVere

CHPAA and Operation Smile Volunteers bring hope and brighter futures to those in need.

Story and photography by Karmina Landicho

Industrial designer Ernie Meadows and his wife, Marj, decided to create a non-profit foundation for prosthetic hands in honor of their daughter’s memory after losing her to an automobile accident.

Story by Amber Stephens
Photography by Mark Samala

Sixty doctors, nurses, dentists and other health professionals from CHPAA traveled from Los Angeles to Cambodia on a medical mission during the last week of January. While medical supplies were limited, the mission was successful in seeing 6,000 patients during the course of the week. This is one man's experience through the clinic.